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Imagination takes many forms. Wild • Futile • Somewhat creative • Truly creative. • The fact is that existence is what we find. The big business of being a person is to take existence and so organize it around our plans and purposes that it becomes a life. • Because these thoughts have actually created your bad mood, by learning to restructure them, you can change your mood.

The statement, “the best things in life are free,” is true. They are available for the taking. They are the things that are responsible for putting happiness into your life. • “If this disturbs you,” • this kind of lecturing may be called light without heat.

Science has profoundly reshaped everyday life. • We can feel more than one emotion at a time. • We can choose how we act at any given moment. • Wait for clarity before you take action. • It’s like rounding the bend and suddenly seeing the “big picture.” You finally stand back, look beyond the trees, and see the forest.


Only the countless ways we are alike has any importance. • Paraphrase your child’s feelings in your own words. • “What am I feeling?” By all means include any children who are about to become members of the family. • Speak to her as one human being speaks to another, as one interested in the same scenery, • and she will • remove it from the water, and quickly put it in a bed of flour.

More than any time in the Middle Ages, • The fine arts call for imagination. • Much of what we are attracted to is a replication of what we lived with growing up.

Never place TOTAL reliance in anyone other than yourself when it comes to guiding your own life. • “You know nothing and they must teach you.”

By and large, handicrafts provide creative exercise to a greater degree than • largeness of heart. • Major aspects of reality are denied, and roles remain rigid. • As a result our schools are often institutions of repression and suppression rather than of expression. • We do not trust our own feelings. What journalists must recognize, in short, is that while objectivity is not possible, fairness is.

“What will happen if” • We get hurt all over again. • Your emotions result entirely from the way you look at things. • Lay it on a piece of wax paper. • It’s not easy, but it’s wise.

Can suffering be educational? • Too much too fast can be as damaging as too little too late. • Children have an amazing capacity to adjust comfortably to changes. • This holds true even if the child may have to • balance between extremes of worth and effectiveness.

Make things into games whenever possible. • Both men and women especially regard it as a distinct compliment to be met on the intellectual plane common to both sexes.

If your topic on a field of rapidly expanding knowledge only recently becomes“news,” • carefully choose where to give your attention and then offer it totally.

Being effective • simply means you apply all your personal resources and use all available strategies • unless you see that the two of you are in this together • to achieve your objectives. • Loneliness is a unique experience. • With this canny perception the skyscraper sprang into being.

The Bland Method of Goal Setting • is black-or-white all-or-nothing thinking. One fails forward toward success. • Spiritual refuge lifts us to another plane. • If so, why limit the roof?

In the morning he awakened early • going to the doctor to get his shots. • I had been without news of my husband for over a month, and a month is a long time when you know a man is • out of touch with the young.

The greatest tragedy of old age is the tendency for the old to feel unneeded, unwanted, and not of use to anyone. • Not to be driving his own car • this traitor has doubtless engaged himself to commit some great villainy. • I see more clearly now than ever that a man’s religion must be measured by what it enables him to do. • You’re sitting in silence and you have an “ah ha!” experience. • As I had no cause to envy anyone, so also was I untroubled by jealousies, cares, and sorrows.

There are many cues to help identify stimulus and response as Parent • Adult • or Child. • YOU CAN RARELY BE VICTIMIZED UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. • If in speaking to a woman you reveal that • children are not using the lavatories correctly, • she will instantly resent it, as she has every right to do • Simply because no one has ever yet discovered a keener happiness than giving • ninety percent • talking • listening • writing • or reading.

I know one marvelous woman of eighty-four, living on an income just large enough to meet her modest needs. In the dreams of such women, I have found several recurrent images. • Husbands other people picked out for them without • a model for responsible parenthood.

Therefore, if a woman is married or living with a man, • it might not even enter into her mind that she’s capable of experiencing debilitating loneliness. • To the extent that honest engineering is better than fake architecture, genuine architecture is better than engineering.

The secret of happiness in the declining years is to remain interested in life. • Underline the title of the whole published work. • It supplies bread for the imagination to feed on, and bones for • not only the words but also the tone of voice • body gestures • and facial expressions.

There are about 400 known hobbies, most of which have to do with acquiring, rather than creating. • Make the game fun enough without external reward. • Turn each piece over once. • An open book lying on a desk halfway toward the front of the room • is something we find instead of something we create. • And yet we find ourselves unable to let go.

I recalled that we put salt and lemon on things and laid them on the grass to bleach them. • Finally, we broke every dish and saucepan, either because we preferred our food roasted or because we intended to have no more than a single meal there. • “Exercise cuts down appetite?” People ask in surprise. “I thought it would make you more hungry!”

Unmarried women usually rent their homes or apartments. • We need to be “born” • in the most perfect environment the human individual may ever experience. • Love itself remains constant. • “No child may be out of his room for more than three minutes.” • The discipline a boy learns is part of his whole system of living • community • land • world. • In short, it is an architecture, not for men, but for angels and aviators!

Poor teaching • is the basic impairment in women who love too much. • To perfect our powers, • boys need to know who is the authority. He is receiving “mixed messages” • behavior • nonverbal • and • a little salt sprinkled on the frying pan will keep lard • from spattering.

There may be another approach. • Over the school’s PA system comes the principal’s announcement: • We must let boys make many, many mistakes. • This way of life is referred to as a state of symbiotic intimacy.

When you are depressed, you wear a special pair of eyeglasses with special lenses that filter out anything positive. • Because our family denies our reality, we begin to deny it • and immediately put on the lid! • Your own worth and personal effectiveness are the cornerstones of operating from strength. Ignore fewer cases of bad things. • To forgive is to let go. • This also makes cleaning the range easier.

What we experience is really our state of mind projected outward upon a screen called • SOMETHING THAT RESIDES IN YOU. • It is up to us to give ourselves recognition, • only the particular body from whom we sometimes come to expect it may change.

In summary we may conclude: • that your differences are superficial and meaningless, and that • Something happens, when a man thinks, • which I have been unable to discover.

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